Victorage Gaming Chair, Echo Black

Victorage Gaming Chair, Echo Black.
Inspired by luxury sports car interior, the Echo model in black is designed from PU leather for maximum longevity and comfort.

Available online, and in-store at Allegiant Gaming. Victorage’s Houston Area authorized retailer in Katy, TX.

*Due to the large amount of holiday orders, gaming chair delivery times are currently extended. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.  


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Victorage Gaming Chair, Echo Black.

We took apart and investigated hundreds of different gaming chairs in the market, and found so much can be improved. So we decided to develop a brand new gaming chair which will be perfect for gamers——here comes VICTORAGE.

What makes a VICTORAGE product: craftsmanship in standard, unremitting pursuit in quality and sophistication in details. If you are looking for a chair comfortable enough for a long time working or gaming, VICTORAGE is a perfect choice. We are a young and bold brand though reliable, and has been concentrating on gaming chairs exclusively based on the 20-year experience of car seat production manufacture. Choose VICTORAGE, choose victor’s stage.

PREMIUM MATERIALS : our selected materials will introduce you to an amazing sitting experience. The memory foam and PVC leather can fit and support your body perfectly.

FLEXIBLE ADJUSTMENT : adjustable height and declining angle allow you to find the position that suits you best.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: to be still for a long time is both tiring and hurtful to your spine. The arch design according with ergonomics can support your back from the right direction and ease the tiredness and reduce possible damages to human body.




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