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Venatos XL RGB Mousepad with Wireless Charging

The Venatos XL RGB Mousepad with Wireless Charging Pad is where comfort meets function design.
This XL mouse pad will display both your keyboard and mouse, while providing enough room for movement during gameplay. The wireless charging pad is a convenient way to charge your phone, or other devices without the added cords and outlets! Grab yours today, and join the Venatos experience.


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Venatos XL RGB Mousepad with Wireless Charging Pad

Fast Wireless Charging

10W fast wireless charger has a transfer efficiency over 75%. Charger equipped with over temperature protection, over charge protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection.

Easy To Clean

Venatos RGB Gaming Mat is made with premium materials such as Microfiber, PU Leather, and Rubber, which makes it easy to clean with water without fading.

Soft & Comfortable

Made of high-elastic natural rubber and 4mm thickness for excellent softness, ensuring that your wrists are more comfortable than using other thin or hard mouse pads.

Automatic RGB Memory

RGB mouse pad can automatically remember your last light mode after shutdown. You don’t need to adjust the lighting again when you turn it on next time.

Adjustable Colour & Lighting Modes

Click the light switch button to set the light mode, click the other button to set the color effect.

1 × RGB XL Gaming Mat
1 × USB Cable

1. When you want to put away the mouse mat, remember not to fold or pull the mat, or it will damage the luminescent fiber.
2. The material of our mouse pad is natural rubber, which is non-toxic, risk-free and environmentally friendly.
3. To benefit from fast wireless charging, ensure your mouse pad is plugged into a strong power source (monitors and laptops are not considered strong). A 10W or higher wall adapter used to charge a phone will allow the wireless charging capability of this product to be optimal.  Without the correct adapter the mouse pad will charge at a speed of 5W.



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