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GFuel Cherry Limeade Tub

GFUEL Cherry Limeade. When he’s not bridging the gap between fitness and gaming, Doug “Censor” Martin is bridging the gap between two amazing fruits – Cherries and Limes! Introducing – Cherry Limeade Inspired by FaZe Censor!


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– 40 servings in every tub
– 0 Sugar – Unlike our “competitors” who rely on loads of sugar to provide you with a false sense of energy, we don’t – Which means zero “crash”
– 25 Calories
– Energy Complex – Caffeine is a natural stimulant consumed worldwide. The primary benefit is that of cognitive function stimulation – Essentially giving your mind a “jump start” when it needs it most
– Focus Amino-Fortified – Our addition of a focus amino provides you with a unique edge that most other drinks on the market cannot
– Packed with Antioxidants – Just the right balance of antioxidants that work in tandem with our vitamin complex to promote healthy cell production
– Vitamin-Fortified – Our formula contains the perfect combination and subtle ratio of Vitamins C + E + B12 + B6



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