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EMGG Neon Sign

EMGG fans your time has come! EMGG Neon Sign is now available for you to purchase. This EMGG sign is a statement piece that everyone will notice regardless if its on your wall or shelf. Buy now to get production started ASAP.

*This is a concept art image of what it will look like. Real product will vary in the way light is being emitted from picture.

**From time of paid invoice, you can expect about a week before product is in your hands(not including weekends). Shipping also depends on carrier time frame and delays. Once product leaves our warehouse we have no control over the movement of your item.



EMGG Neon Sign Info

3.2ft long (If on your wall, the distance from left to right)

.5 Ft tall (If on your wall, the distance from the top of the sign to bottom)

Type of light: 2835 SMD Neon


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