League of Legends Tournament Katy TX Act 1

Attention all Houston, TX and Katy, TX area gamers! Welcome to the Allegiant Abyss, the League of Legends Tournament on Sunday, February 23rd.
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Leauge Of Legends Tournament Katy TX

The first player to achieve one of these options will be the winner of that match:

· First blood

· Killing 100 minions

· Destroying the first enemy turret

Prizes 1st – $10 + 4550 RP 2nd – 1300 RP 3rd – 650 RP

Want to be part of a team? Notify an Allegiant Gaming Employee. These games will considered and credited toward applying to be on our team.


Feb 23 2020


3:00 pm


Allegiant Gaming
23227 Mercantile Pkwy Suite A5, Katy, TX 77449

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