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Gaming Peripherals - 2021, Coummunity Vouches and Votes Allegiant Gaming

Gaming Peripherals - 2021, Community Vouches | Allegiant Gaming

This is a guide to help you make a decision when picking your peripherals. All information given is based on consumer and product reviews. We recommend you do your own extensive research when picking what products to buy.

The gaming companies that the community vouches for the most when it comes to peripherals.

Do you want to skip the read and get right to the top pick? The most voted for gaming company peripheral is SteelSeries (get discounts when you make and account).


We have used lots of different peripherals over the years. With some of them, a really great experience. Nothing extremely expensive, just reliable. We are currently using all Steelseries peripherals. After two(2) years everything still works flawlessly with zero issues.

To help you find peripherals that works for you, we have put together a list of the top three(3) most voted for companies. We also included some companies that you must check out. Keep reading to find reviews of each one and a short buyer’s guide to help you make sense of your choices.

Let’s get started so you can hone in on a company that works best for you.

#1 – SteelSeries

Steelseries most voted company

If you're searching for the most popular and vouched for company, go with SteelSeries

Reviews: There are a plethora of good reviews for SteelSeries. However, it's the bad reviews that buyers tend to latch onto. It seems that these negative reviews is with their customer service and a few of their headsets. Keep in mind not every company is perfect, and SteelSeries is always behind the scenes improving aspects of their company. Just because some people have a bad experience doesn't mean you will.

Buyers guide: Steelseries is primarily a peripheral company but they also provide some software for gaming. They have really improved their wireless line with their Arctis 7 and Aerox 3 with new products steadily being released. We can confidently say that when SteelSeries comes out with a new product it almost always sells out with in the first few hours if not minutes of release. If you find yourself on the fence with SteelSeries, keep reading there might be a better fit.

Allegiant Gaming

See how my company can aid in consultation with setting up your stream and peripherals

  • Streaming - Let us help with upgrades and tips. See real results.
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#2 – Logitech

Logitech Home

Logitech has been around for a long time, If you want tons of variety with colors and products, they for sure have it.

Reviews: Logitech has a huge footprint and is extremely popular in both the corporate and gaming industry. They work a lot with professional Esports players and definitely a top-tier brand. You'll find that most reviews talk negatively about the customer service and warranty claims. Unfortunately, this is hard to overlook when it comes to electronics, and tends to drive people away.

Buyers guide: Logitech is a huge peripheral company with lots of options. Not only do they carry mice and headsets, but a range of other products like racing wheels and furniture that can help you complete your setup. They too give software for gaming along with a bunch of innovating options to choose from. When it comes to purchasing products from Logitech take into account your setup style and what games you'll be playing. The variety is there and if other companies don't have what you're looking for, odds are Logitech does.

Logitech Allegiant Gaming


#3 – Razer

Razer Allegiant Gaming


Razer has some amazing marketing and a huge following when it comes to their peripherals. 

Reviews: You'll find that most reviews talk very positively about Razer Laptops but negatively about other products and their after sales customer service. You'll notice this negative customer service across the board when it comes to large corporations. An easy way to avoid this experience is to shop local. Small shops are much easer to work with when it comes to customer service. Let the resellers deal with these large companies.

Buyers guide: When looking for peripherals on the Razer website, keep the color green in mind. This is their main color scheme. They do have other color options and is great for completing a full setup on a smaller budget. Razer also has a range of other peripherals for Mobile and console too.


Companies Worth Checking Out

Gamer Advantage

Gamer Advantage Allegitant Gaming

After taking a pair of these home and testing it out, we can confidently say these work. We sell them in store and are already on our second batch of orders. We fully expect these to sell out for the holidays and can give a big vouch for them.


Alpherior Keys

Alpherior Keys Allegiant Gaming

We use this company on our stream setup for in store customers to test. Only positive reviews from buyers and they are always coming out with new designs for their mouse pads.



If you're looking for the most vouched for company Steelseries is the way to go. You really can't go wrong with this pick unless they have absolutely nothing you are looking for. Ask your friends and others what they use, gather your own opinions and make sure you get what fits you.


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  • Dude I love this! Amazing work! Will always support and love shopping at Allegiant!

    Matthew G

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