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Frustrating Feature With Elgato Key Lights - Allegiant Gaming

Frustrating Feature With Elgato Key Lights - Allegiant Gaming

Are your Elgato key lights hooked up to your PC with Wifi but your PC is hard-wired? Bridge the Connections.


In this article we have included 2(two) steps on how to keep your PC hardwired and control your key lights wirelessly at the same time via a Elgato Stream Deck.

*Credit for this hack goes to content creator Verse.


NOTE: This is not a tutorial on how to set up your key lights. If you need a tutorial on this, visit this youtube tutorial.

Step 1: Find your wireless and wired connections on your PC

Allegiant Gaming Network connections

*Image shown above already has a bridged network. Ignore the green Network Bridge. Yours should look like this minus the green Network Bridge icon.


Go to your search bar and type in 'Network Connections'. You will see the folder for it pop up(under the control panel tab). Once open you will see two connections, Wired and Wireless. *Remember for this to work your PC needs to have a working hardwired and a wireless connection available.

Allegiant Gaming Network setting

Step 2: Bridge the Connections

Highlight(click and drag) over both connections, right click, and click 'Bridge Connections'. Let it do its thing.

From here you'll be able to open your Stream Deck and wirelessly control your Key lights while your PC is hardwired.

After searching the internet, we are not sure why Elgato hasn't put out any information on this. Either way we have figured it out for you!

Allegiant Gaming thumbs up


Yes, it's possible to keep your computer hardwired and wirelessly control your Elgato Key Lights in a couple steps. Now, is this a super helpful tip that everyone will use? We will have to see. Leave a comment down below if you'll be using this and if it was helpful.


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